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(Only ship to the USA )Galaxy Stars - 12 piece Synthetic Brush Set

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These makeup brushes are made of premium, super soft synthetic bristles, cruelty-free and skin-loving

The handles are painted with the beauty in the galaxy stars and fascinating array of colors. 

Hold them in your hands to feel the fantasy of the Magical Night Sky!



* Hair: Synthetic Fiber     * Ferrule: Aluminum     * Handle: Plastic 


This brush set contains:

1 * Power Brush

Use it with loose or pressed powders, just tap off the excess before using sweeping motions to brush it across the face.


2 * Flat Foundation Brush

Use it with liquid foundation and blend it on your forehead, face, nose, chin.


3 * Flat Contour Brush

Use it to create shadows and highlights on targeted areas of face to play up favorite features.


4 * Blush Brush

Use it with Cream, Liquid or Powder product, blends along the cheekbone in a circle way.


5 * Tapered Brush

Use it to apply powder, blush or contour shades onto the cheeks and temples. Tapered shape gives exact placement of product.


6 * Large Eyeshadow Brush

Use it to apply powder and cream shadows. Alternate use: Dab on shadow under the lower lash line for a smokier eye.


7 * Eyeshadow Brush

Use it to smear eyeshadow along the roots of the lashes up to the eye folds.


8 * Eyeshadow Definer Brush

Use it to strengthen and modify the eye shape, conducive to the details of the eyeshadow.


9 * Blending Brush

Use it with wet or dry products. It blends color effortlessly on the lid and crease and also be used to apply concealer.   


10 * Concealer Brush

Dip the brush in concealer/product and apply to areas of the skin. 


11 * Angled Eyebrow Brush

Use it to apply powder and gel products to brows using a sketching motion to achieve a hair-like effect.


12 * Fan Brush

Use it to lightly dust on powder or to contour; Create soft color over the cheeks or apply a touch of loose powder to cover shine. 


There might be a little misshapen on the fan brush when you received. 
The shape can be corrected by the following methods: 
Please use the steam or boiled water to iron the bristles (do not iron the Ferrule ), then wipe it with a dry towel, and finally let it dry naturally.  
If you mind this little misshapen, please choose other items without a fan brush. 
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(Only ship to the USA )Galaxy Stars - 12 piece Synthetic Brush Set
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