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Brush Holder & Stand 26 Holes - Pink

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The makeup brush holder is made from high quality acrylic. A must have after cleaning your brush and also a necessity for your daily use. It holds your makeup brushes neatly and make your makeup desk clean and neat.


Material: Acrylic + Rubber

Size:7.88 in*5.12 in*4.93 in



* Makeup Brush Tree; A must have when you're cleaning makeup brushes

* Help to dry your makeup brush in a right way, It can hold your makeup brushes with the bristles down, to avoid nib bristles fall off problem, which is very usual when washing makeup brushes.

* Carry your makeup brushes easily everyday, Insert your brushes with bristles up, it prevents brushes bristles from deformed or distorted.

* The brush tree is made from bright black Acrylic rubber and carefully planished, soft and stable, won't hurt your hands and brushes.

* Very simple assembly; It can be assembled in 5 minutes by anyone.


Function of Makeup Brush Holders:

1. The brush holder that will help extend the life of your makeup brushes. The holder helps protect the shape of your brushes after washing.

2. Prevent your brush heads from getting misshapen or warped.

3. Eliminates clutter and helps organize brushes while drying.

4. Save time with faster cleanup and quick access to your brushes.

5. Being collapsible, the holder is easy to store when not in use.

6. Holds 4 large, 6 medium, and 16 small brushes Also good for air drying any craft or nail art brushes.



There is a protective sticker on the brush holder, please remove it before use.



1. Never wash any makeup brushes upside down that causes the glue to weaken causing the brush to fall apart.

2. It's better to air dry makeup brushes using brush holder to avoid handles fall apart and shedding problem.

3. It's more convenient for you to pick up if you put the makeup brushes bristle up.


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Brush Holder & Stand 26 Holes - Pink
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