5 Stunning Eye Makeup Trends For 2022


2022 is definitely a bold year. You won’t catch a lot of natural looks this year - it’s all about embracing color and bold try in the makeup world. Eye makeup is a crucial and complicated part, which can be a highlight of the overall look. Today we are sharing 5 stunning eye makeup trends for 2022. If you love bold looks, you’re going to love these makeup trends!


  1. Watercolor Eyeshadow


The watercolor eyeshadow look is gorgeous, feminine, and ethereal. It’s striking yet soft at the same time.

How to create such a look? Add some water on your brush before you dab it on your palette. Once you have some product on your brush, sweep the brush over your eye lid lightly.

For the color, you can choose a single color or blend multiple shades together. We’re seeing a lot of pastel and neon palettes with this look. Don’t be afraid to mix and match!



  1. Mismatched Eyeshadow


The mismatched eyeshadow is a perfect example of bold look. It's quite eye-catching and personalized. To cop this look, apply two different eyeshadow shades on each eye.

Pros choose two bold and contrasting shades of eyeshadow, but you can tweak the look to suit yourself. Instead of two contrasting shades, you can try with complementary shades(such as: violet and teal or yellow and orange).



  1. Pastel Eyeliner


This new eyeliner trend may seem strange for those who love dark eyeliners, but pastel eyeliners can actually help you achieve a fresh yet stunning look. A swipe of pastel eyeliner against a neutral or single-shade eyelid can add a refreshing feeling!

Keep the rest of your look simple and clean. Avoid dramatic blush and overly curled lashes.

It's important to pick the right pastel shade for your skin tone. For example, try to avoid pink shades if you have a reddish undertone. It's better to use mint green. Pick eyeliner that has a satin and smooth finish. Don’t go anywhere near pastel eyeliners that chalk up!



  1. Floating Eyeliner

Another eyeliner makeup trend for 2022 is the floating eyeliner look.

Instead of applying eyeliner on your lash line, you apply the liner on the crease of your eyelid. The first step is to find out where your crease is, and then draw along the crease arc. Try to do it in one swift motion to avoid creating a jagged line. If you want to use it in your everyday look, you can try it with a cat-eye!



  1. Colored Mascara


Color mascara adds some fun to the simplest looks. It’s also a marvelous way to make your eyes look more vital.

Here are some tips to apply color mascara in your routine makeup:

If you want to ease into this trend, simply layer some colored mascara on top of your black mascara.

For a subtler look, choose darker colored mascaras like blue or green.

For a bolder look, swipe colored mascara on your top and bottom lashes.

Try with a monochromatic look and make your lips and lashes match.


To be bold is the first step to be confident. Try these stunning and bold makeup trends and make your life colorful!


Which of these new makeup trends do you like best? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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