How Many Makeup Brushes are in your Daily Routine?


 The 5 foundational makeup brushes for everyday

  Pulling off a glowy 5-minute face can come down to just 5 brushes: one each for foundation, blush, bronzer, eyeshadow, and concealer. Having each of these in your bag will allow you put on a full face of makeup without having to clean brushes in between applying different products – but they still fit inside a small, transportable makeup bag.

Brush #1: Foundation

  • Why foundation: Foundation evens out your skin, covering any redness or discoloration 
  • Characteristics of a good foundation brush: large in bristle surface area with denser bristles
  • Why this works well: The large bristles allow you to spread product across your face quickly, and the denser bristles minimize streaking
  • We recommend: Neon Green - Foundation Brush
foundation brush

Brush #2: Blush

  • Why blush: once you even out your skin with foundation, you want to bring life and dimension back into your face with a flush of color
  • Characteristics of a good blush brush: fluffy and soft with less dense bristles
  • Why this works well: the less dense bristles allow you to pick up a light amount of product; then swirl it onto your face in a subtle looking rather than harsh way
  • We recommend: Fantasy II - 11 piece Synthetic Brush Set
Blush Brush

Brush #3: Bronzer

  • Why bronzer: worn either alone on top of foundation or paired with blush, bronzer gives a gorgeous sun-kissed look
  • Characteristics of a good bronzer brush: fluffy and angled
  • Why this works well: The fluffy bristles allow you to pick up a light amount of product; angled bristles allow for easy contouring along your cheekbones
  • We recommend: Neon Purple - 10 Pieces Synthetic Makeup Brush Set
bronzer brush

Brush #4: Eyeshadow

  • Why eyeshadow: wearing 1-3 shades of shadow helps your makeup look complete
  • Characteristics of a good eyeshadow brush: small, fluffy, and domed
  • Why this works well: the bristles are forgiving yet structured enough to apply pigment to the lid, crease, and brow bone
  • We recommend: Soft Pink - 15 Pieces Eye Brush Set
eyeshadow brush

Brush #5: Concealer

  • Why concealer: tones down redness or discoloration, and when applied to the under eye area can make your eyes look brighter
  • Characteristics of a good concealer brush: longer, soft-feeling bristles
  • Why this works well: soft bristles allow you to gently, comfortably apply product to the delicate under eye area
  • We love: Dream of Color - 15 Pieces Colourful Makeup Brush Set
concealer brush

And that’s it! 

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