How to Make a Lemon Makeup


Just five steps, you can get the lemon makeup.

Step1: Use the Primer

Use white primer in the entire eye socket to reduce dullness. Believe me! It’s essential for you to get a super bright yellow shade and layer.


Step2: Make the Layer

Apply the lighter yellow eyeshadow to the eye socket with a big eyeshadow brush. And then add the darker yellow eyeshadow to eye tail and upper edge.


Step3: Cover the Crease

Before applying your final eyelid color, it’s important to cover prior color. So, fill in your first two thirds eyelid with a white concealer or primer using a flat eyeshadow brush.


Step4: Fill the Eyelid

Take the brightest yellow eyeshadow to eyelid of white part until it reaches your desired yellow.


Step5: Draw a Lemon Pattern

You can use the white liquid eyeliner to draw the details of lemon wedge. First, draw a half moon shape on the crease. Then, draw a center line connecting the half moon to the eyelid. Finally, create two or more lines on each side of the center line.

OK, the lemon makeup is finished. You can have a try. Following are some beautiful examples





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