Our Favorite Makeup Hacks


  One of the most commonly found items in households is q-tips or cotton swabs. It is generally used to clean the ear canal, or to remove earwax, despite this not being a medically recommended method for removing earwax. It doesn’t mean you are wasting your money. Cotton swabs are multi-purpose and can be used to solve many small problems, especially when it is related to makeup. Here are some easy waysabout makeup hacks up to your makeup game: 

I've never met Cara Delevigne or Sunmi, so I could be wrong when I say the only thing we all really have in common is the fact that we've experimented with the latest colorful eye makeup trend. Over the past two weeks, all of these famous ladies, plus yours truly, have covered their lids with dreamy, multicolored splashes of eye shadow. The trend doesn't officially have a name, but I'm going to go on the record calling it watercolor eye makeup.

Striped Shadow:

Striped Shadow


Lip Hack:

Finally, I tightline my lids with the black eye pencil. With all the colors happening, this step helps frame and define my eyes. I also added some rhinestones because everything is better — even eye makeup — when it's bedazzled.


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