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😍One palette for all! 🌈These colors are really bright!They blend nicely and are super pretty pigmented! 🎃You can use it for halloween, but also for every day makeup. 💯Then there's four large pans on the sides that are used for contour, blush and highlight. One for all and big save of money! Would definitely recommend this product. 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️Everyone should have one!
docolor tropical eyeshadow palette,colourful eyeshadow palette
The palette offers you all the red colors for a flash red eye makeup look. If you're the one who see a flash red eye makeup look, and then you're like like "Oooh!", then it's a MUST have for you! These red pigments are so vibrant! Very smooth application and lasts all day!
red eye makeup look,red smokey eye look
The colors are so blendable, look so true on skin. 
red eye makeup look
Now, green — both Gen Z and other shades — has jumped off our packaging and onto our face, nails, and hair to become a trending color in beauty looks. If you're obsessed by smokey eye with green eyeshadow, then you should try this palette!
green eye makeup look
This tropical green look for you!
green eye makeup look,makeup ideas,green eyeshadow,green glitter,party makeup,wedding makeup
The Pigments are so solid, stay put for hours with a good base. You'll be in love!
Worn by popstars, actors, icons, drag queens, and even Barbie, blue eyeshadow can be a powerful beauty statement. Once upon a time, blue was considered to be the 'feminine color', it was favored over pink. Look at these blue colors, looks perfect on your face!
blue eye makeup look,blue eyes,makeup ideas,makeup trending
If you're a MUA or social influencer, you will definitely love this palette so much! You can do so many mixed colors with it! You can creat lots of makeup look with it!
pride makeup, influencers,MUA,makeup artist
And hey ladies, don't forget the highlight and contour, primer. They're so good on your skin and can be used for inner corner too. Brown shade are so perfect for nose contour— it's not cake-y at all!
docolor cosmetics,docolor eyeshadows,docolor,colourful palettes
Just have a try and it's on BLACK FRIDAY SALE now!The colors are nice and well worth for your money!
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