• The ordinary skincare series 1- Facial cleansing

    The ordinary skincare series 1- Facial cleansing
    Every day, the skin faces a lot of "dirt", especially small particles suspended in the air.   These small particles will adhere to the surface of the skin and carry a harmful chemical called "polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons." When skin cells come into contact with these "polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons", they will produce a series of reactions, which will eventually lead to dullness, yellowing, aging and wrinkles.   So we must wash them off in time. \ But under the overwhelming publicity of various cleaning products, almost everyone is facing the problem of excessive cleaning.   Quoting the data from DSM, it is stated that if there is no proper repair method, it will take eight days for the skin to return to its normal state after over cleansing. So,how do you clean your face? Here are some tips:   Use clean, running water to clean the skin. Wash your...
  • How to clean your brushes ?

    How to clean your brushes ?
    Why should we clean our makeup brushes?   There are bacteria and oil buildup on our brushes after daily makeup.Because of this, brushes cleaning seems extremely important.And clean brushes can improve makeup performance and extend the life of them. So, how to clean your brushes?There are some tips for you: Fill a glass with warm water and some soap or specifical brush cleansers.Dunk the...
  • This look is simple, yet festive.

    This look is simple, yet festive.
    In the last blog, we talked about due to the current COVID crisis, wearing a mask has become the new norm. How to make your face stand out under the mask?Eye makeup seems particularly important. We have made a detailed introduction about eye primer before makeup .And in this blog,we will teach you to draw a perfect eye makeup. Christmas is just around the...
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