How to Clean Makeup Brushes?


If you don’t clean your brushes well, the best brush will lose its original texture and you won’t be able to paint clean makeup-especially high-end animal bristles, which require extra care. Besides, if you ignore the cleaning of the brush, it is easy to hide dirt and cause acne crisis... We will share with you today a list of good cleaning brushes.

How often is it cleaned?
  Especially for the base makeup brush or the beautifying powder puff, in order not to affect the effect of the base makeup, I wash it almost every time I use it~ As for the eye makeup brush, lip brush, contour highlight brush, blush brush... Wait, it is best to clean it at least once a week.

  For more expensive animal hair makeup brushes, it is recommended to use professional scrubbing agents for cleaning and maintenance.

clean makeup brushes

Daily quick cleaning
  Brush cleaning spray and brush cleaning sponge are most suitable for new Makeup people

  Spray cleaning-Spray the spray on the brush or paper towel, rub the paper towel a few times, and rub the bristles on the paper.

makeup brushes clean

  Sponge cleaning-suitable for brushes for powder makeup, just swipe on the activated carbon sponge and it will be clean after use.

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makeup brush cleaner



makeup brushes cleaner


Deep cleaning and maintenance
  In addition to daily cleaning, such as makeup brushes and concealer brushes, this kind of brushes that will encounter liquid cream-like makeup, deep cleansing is also very necessary! Imagine that the wet make-up on the bristles and the sebum on the face are mixed and stuffy, breeding bacteria-acne, that's for sure! Especially expensive animal hair brushes require deep cleaning and care to extend the life of the brushes.

  Cleansing soap, liquid soap (it is more convenient to wash puffs and sponges)
Cleaning and maintenance liquid (can be understood as>>the highest specification cleaning ceremony for makeup brushes)

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makeup brushes cleaner


1. Pour the professional brush cleaning solution into the clean water and soak it.

2. Then brush the brush back and forth on the palm or scrubbing board to help the makeup dissolve.

3. Wash thoroughly and repeatedly with clean water, and carefully check whether it is clean.

4. After all is washed, the napkin will absorb the moisture, the pen tip is down, put on a protective air-drying cover, and it is wait to dry!

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