Daily makeup tutorials & tips


Daily makeup tutorials & tips

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*Step 1 Concealer Foundation

For busy women, age and stress have caused faint damage to their skin, so to reduce age, foundation concealer is very important . Although women of this age generally use BB creams such as slightly shiny products of the base to look very vibrant, but for women who work hard and are a bit puffy, it is more important to choose a high-quality foundation  to make the skin more delicate. And a good foundation brush can help a lot. The foundation evenly on the makeup needs to be patted, try to choose a whiter color, but also do not has too much difference in the skin color of the neck.

how to use foundation brush


*Step 2 Eyebrows

If your eyebrows happen to be less full, follow the outline and try to make them slightly fuller than you are. Choose an good eyebrow brush and brown powder that matches your hair color, lightly trace the outline of your eyebrows, and then comb your eyebrows with a brush, not too thick, just natural.

 InStyle How to Shape Eyebrows according to Experts
eyebrow brush


* Step 3 Nude Eyeshadow

To make your eyes look luminous, choose an eye shadow that flatters your skin tone to widen the contours of your eyes. Dip your fingertips into beige gold eyeshadow and apply it to the entire eye socket, then use an eyeshadow stick to dip into bronze eyeshadow and apply it along the base of your eyelashes, drawing a small part of the end of your eyes so that you have an effect of enlarging your eyes. The lower eye shadow is drawn from the end of the eye in the direction of the head of the eye, drawing to a third of the length of the eye is OK! And good eye blending brushes will helps a lot! 
daily makeup look
eye blending brush set


*Step 4 Black eyeliner

Use a black liquid eyeliner or eyeliner pencils to depict from the middle of the lower eyelid to the end of the eye, and then use a light gold eyeliner to depict the head of the eye to make a slight taste of the sleeper silkworm, which will give the whole eye a very rounded and natural feeling.
waterproof eyeliner liquid

 waterproof black eyeliner liquid

* Step 5 Red lips in bright colors.

The red color of orange can not only hide your age, but it is also a good choice of winter and spring. It is important to note that although orange can make people look more livelier and young, it can also make people with darker skin tone look darker and is more suitable for people with white skin. The red lip is also a good choice, positive red lip color can instantly enhance a person's aura , to create a queen model, if you want to attend an important dinner or party, you can let this positive color to bring you a mature but young temperament.
makeup look 2022 red lipsticks look

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