3 Steps Before Makeup-To Create The Perfect Makeup


Due to the current COVID crisis, wearing a mask has become the new norm. How to make your face stand out under the mask? Eyes makeup seems particularly important.

Then we will give you some tips to help you to make your eyes makeup more perfect.


1. Prep:

Before applying any makeup, start by evaluating your skincare products. Going less emollient with moisturizers can give the skin a better canvas for makeup to adhere to. Many people are getting success using serums rather than heavy creams. You’ll definitely want to avoid petroleum-based moisturizers.

2. Eye massage:

Doing a self-massage to help increase blood circulation to the eye area and release muscle tension.Not only can help you chase the dark circle away,but also relieve tired or dry eyes .

The eye exercise below can be used daily to encourage healthy habits and to reap the benefits of soothing eye care.


STEP 1: Massage Eye Socket Bones

STEP 2: Press on Pressure Points at Your Temples

STEP 3: Massage your eyelid and the under eyes

3. Conceal dark circles:

The most important step to creating any sensational eye makeup look is disguising puffiness or discoloration under your eyes.

STEP 1: Use a concealer with a peach or red undertone tone to color-correct the dark hue of your circles.

STEP 2: Apply powder foundation to your entire face. This will give you a primary layer of camouflage 

STEP 3:Add another layer of loose powder foundation to set the concealer and blend it to match your skin.

Learn more:

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSEKdZobc3M


Learn more:

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xRCxq9yRlo


Then you can start your formal eyes makeup.We will give you some makeup tips in the next blog

See you next time!


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