Formerly we learned to make up our eyes as our mother, sister, aunt, neighbor, cousin or friend taught us. It was not easy at all to have information about techniques, products, among other things. Perhaps, you could find information in the odd magazine where a very basic step-by-step appeared, or in a television program where they taught you routines that were almost impossible to replicate and you asked yourself desperately, Where do I buy all those products? Nowadays that's a thing of the past, and it's very easy to find basic eye makeup tips almost everywhere.


There are so many eye makeup techniques that it would be impossible to try to list them all here: smoky eyes, shimmering effect, single shadow, lifting effect, cut crease, double contour, natural look. You get the point, girl!

But have you considered making yourself a super and infallible basic makeup case suitable for any look? It is not necessary that you buy a giant kit, it is better that you have some products and then as you take care of yourself, little by little expand your toiletry bag with what suits you best.


The most important thing to start putting it together is that you find your style with which you feel comfortable, that you like and if it suits your skin type, physiognomy and personality. Once you buy a really cool case to store all of these products, this is what you will need:

1- Shades : You can find palettes of many colors, Individual Shades or trios that are compact and convenient to transport. Powder, cream, gel. You also need to decide if you prefer fantasy colors, shadows nude, color palettes endless, summer, autumn and everything you can think of .

Eyeshadow Palette

2- Makeup brushes: They will serve to apply and blur the shadows. But beware! Many products already have applicators, so it is preferable that you do a little research and see which are and which are not, to simply buy the brushes that are necessary for you. You will find brushes made of synthetic hair or natural hair. An extra tip: Keep them very clean, it is important that you do it every 2 weeks, so the result of your makeup will always be great.

Professional Makeup Brushes

3- Eyeliner : In every basic eye makeup kit it is essential to have a good eyeliner, the Master Precise Skinny is perfect to adapt to any look you try. You will achieve a defined and precise contour and it is waterproof.

4- Eyebrow pencil: choose the one closest to your hair color. In this way you will achieve versatile looks when you want a natural eyebrow or a more marked one, you can do it.

5- Eyelash curler : There is a lot of variety on the market. Try to invest in a very good quality one, think that with it you will be curling your eyelashes almost daily. Spending a little more will help you extend your life and health. In the long run it will be an excellent investment!

  And once you have this super ready basic kit, the most important thing is, have a great time inventing new looks! alone or with your friends. Try new techniques, new ways of putting on makeup, in this way you will get to know the shape of your eye better and discover what look you look best with.








See you next time!

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