Ideas for a Fabulous Evening Makeup


Here we tell you everything you need to know about night makeup and how you can make it look perfect throughout the evening.

Evening makeup does not necessarily have to be more complicated than the makeup we use regularly. It's all about following the clues and highlighting certain elements. The idea is to make the face look impressive under artificial lights and be well defined, even in the shadows at night.

For the makeup to last all night, the first thing we must do is hydrate the skin before applying any product. A clean and well-hydrated face will be the canvas on which to work best.

It should be noted that the water with which we rinse our face must be fresh. This will help us to close the pores and, thus, we will achieve that the makeup is perfect.

Obviously, evening makeup is characterized by using strong colors or tones, mainly in the eyes and lips, since these will be the center of attention.

The keys to evening makeup

Tropical Eyeshadow Palette


Evening makeup allows us to apply more layers, blur the tones and add more contrast, in general. On the other hand, it also allows us to add more drama (larger lashes, touches of shine, etc.).

The outlined will be the key, both to enlarge, and to give volume. For example, it is necessary to outline the lips well to make them fuller and fuller.

The look will depend largely on how well we achieve our evening makeup, therefore, it is important that during the application we take into account certain tricks:

Translucent Loose Powder: Always place this under the eyes. This will make it easier for you to remove traces of dust from dark shadows or remnants of mascara. When you finish applying makeup, you simply sweep the dust away with a brush.
Use concealer: to rectify imperfections and unify the tone of your skin. You can also use it around the eyebrows (or mouth) if you need to correct something you did wrong.
New trends: don't be afraid to take risks with glitters and shadows that include glitter (glitter or glitter), they will make you look very sophisticated.
Balance on the face: if you decide that the protagonist of the makeup is the eyes, choose a softer tone to apply on the lips, with discreet tones. If, on the other hand, you decide that the protagonists are the lips, use neutral colors in your eyes. Remember that the less dispersed we are, the more sophisticated we will look.
Other tips
Apply moisturizing lotions and makeup in gentle movements, without hitting the face.
Cover skin imperfections with an appropriate concealer, including dark circles.
Choose a foundation with an appropriate texture for your skin type and apply it evenly.
Enhance the most beautiful features of your face. To wear makeup at night it is recommended above all that you highlight the eyes. One of the trends that are being used are smokey eyes.
The eyes are usually made up in black tones or brighter colors such as gold, silver, blue or mauve.
Use an eyelash curler and apply enough mascara or, if you wish, apply false eyelashes. This look, with its coppery and neutral tones, is a classic for all skin types. It is also perfect to stand out at a party or on a romantic outing or with friends.

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