Leaping Bunnies: Beauties, could you save us please? It really hurts!


Leaping Bunnies: Beauties, could you save us please? It really hurts!


Every morning, when you wash your face and perform routine skin care and makeup procedures, have you ever wondered whether the products you use are safe? While you are concerned about your own safety, have you ever thought about how many animals will suffer and die in pain in order to verify the safety of these products?


Most people don't know that their cosmetics are connected with animal pain. The chemical ingredients in cosmetics are usually tested with rodents and rabbits. These tests include skin and eye irritation tests, very cruel and violent. For example, applying chemicals to the rabbit’s shaved skin or dripping them into the rabbit’s eyes, forcing the animals to intake the chemicals for several weeks or months to discover general diseases or symptoms of special health hazards such as cancer and birth defects. There is also a "lethal dose" test, which forces the animals to swallow a large amount of test chemicals to determine the dose that causes them to die. After the experiment, these animals will be killed by suffocation, twisting their necks, or being decapitated. During the entire experiment, no analgesics is administered to the animals.
The "Draize eye irritation test" is used to measure the degree of irritation that a certain product may have to human eyes. Rabbits are always used for this test, because they have no tears. In this way, the test substances will not be rinsed from their eyes by tears. The rabbits were locked and tied up one by one, and their lower eyelids were pulled apart. Once the test substances were dropped, their eyes were immediately forced to close tightly to cause the strongest irration of the test substances. The test substances even include detergent, hair spray and nail polish.


"LD50" has long been a standard experiment for testing whether substances are toxic. The most commonly used animals for this type of experiment are mice. Each test usually uses hundreds of animals. The test methods include compulsorily feeding or directly insert the tube into their stomach, sometimes by subcutaneous injection or forced inhalation. Depending on each test substance, animals will have many different symptoms, including convulsions, vomiting, diarrhea, paralysis, and even seven holes bleeding. The experiment will not end until half of the animals (50%, hence the name LD50) die, and the surviving animals will also be killed.


Imagine what would happen if these experiments are applied to human body? It’s far more than shuddering and horrible.
So what can we do to save these animals and make sure the cosmetics to be safe for us at the mean time?
It’s simple actually. Choose cruelty free products. Cruelty free specifically refers to non-animal testing, an authoration for products without animal testing and without animal ingredients. Calling everyone to use cruelty free products is a behavior that everyone can do to protect animals.


Besides animal experiments, many other experimental methods can also test cosmetic products. Thanks to the development of scientific technology, other experiments will completely replace animal experiments in the future. But firstly there must be market demand and economic benefits to obtain sufficient funds for further research.
Only if people stop buying products that use animal experiments, manufacturers will stop using animal experiments. Otherwise, they will continue to use cruel and inhumane animal experiments in exchange for their benefits. Please kindly support "Cruelty Free" and no longer use products tested on animals.
Let’s act together! Beauty without cruelty! Beautiful girls, please forward this blog to your social media. Thank you!  Cruelty free makeup products!
Docolor always insists on cruelty free, and all our products are not tested on animals.
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See you next time!

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