Try Something New This Summer? 2021 Summer Makeup Trends To Follow


  Try Something New This Summer? 2021 Summer Makeup Trends To Follow


Summer beauty always has its special style, but there can be many possibilities as well, never monotonous. If you are tired with your regular makeup and eager to try something different, you are lucky to be here. Here are the top summer 2021 makeup trends for you to follow. There must be some styles you are interested in or suit you very well.


  1. Natural makeup


The light foundation maintains a natural skin tone, with only a little concealer to modify the dullness and dark circles. Highlighting the cheekbones can make your skin look more shiny and swollen! The natural type of makeup is basic for all other make-ups.


  1. Deep Black Eyeliner


The full-frame eyeliner is drawn with eye-catching, bold and sharp geometric lines, creating a powerful eye look. It creates a strong contrast with the natural and translucent foundation.


  1. Soft Smokey Eyes


A smokey eye is timeless, which will be still a trend in this summer. It's such a great way to pull focus to your eyes, whether it's for a date, party or when you just want to look cute. 


  1. Green Eyeshadow Trend


This graphic liner and green eyeshadow is like a symbol of the passion of summer. It is perfect to pair it with a glossy lip and a set of dramatic falsies. Time to get yourself some colorful eyeshadow palettes and eyeliners.


  1. Orange Lips


Pink and red are cute. But for summer 2021, orange is a charming color to be wearing on your lips. You can't go wrong with a super-saturated bright shade in a semi-matte finish.


  1. Bold Lips for Summer


This bright-pink lipstick was practically made to be the star of all your cute summer selfies. Pro tip: Exfoliate your lips with a damp wash cloth or sugar scrub before applying your color for a smooth finish.


  1. Cat Eyes and Peach Lips

Let's talk about this peach lip and cat-eye look. It looks simple but are really sexy and cute. It's definitely a treasure for the summer months when you want to keep things simple but still super cute too. 


  1. Pink & Pink


This simple style combines pink lipstick with equally rose-toned eyeshadow hues, which makes you feel the sweetness of summer. That's it. It's simple, which takes about 5 minutes.


  1. Bold Eyebrows


If there’s ever been a time to let your brows grow. It’s now. Big brows are not new but this summer you can look to the trend to play up fun eyeshadow looks. Defined eyebrows make your face stand out and give you a youthful look.


  1. Berry Blush


Even with masks concealing the lower half of our faces, deep berry blushes remained a trend on social media throughout quarantine. Raspberry, rose, and red cheeks will be the mood of the summer.


Beauty always deserves. You are here because you love beauty and life deeply. So don’t hesitate to have a try on these styles. You will surely have a shiny summer this year.    


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See you next time!


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