Delicate Eye Makeup Techniques


Step 1: First apply light brown eyeshadow on a large area of the eye area for a primer. A clean base makeup with brown eyeshadow won’t go against it, and the eyes will become deeper when you look at it

Step 2: Use dark brown eyeshadow to smudge the creases of the double eyelid and the triangle area at the end of the eye to deepen the eye contour.

Step 3: Dip a proper amount of brown micro pearl eye shadow with an eye shadow brush to smudge at the bottom of the eye, and the effect of enlarging the eyes will be better.

Step 4: Use black eyeliner to draw a black upper eyeliner, thicken the end of the eye and slightly raise it. Some girls tend to shake their hands when drawing eyeliner, but the main reason is that they are too unfamiliar! Please believe that there is nothing difficult to draw eyeliner, this is a process of practice makes perfect. If you find it difficult to control at first, you can draw three sections first, draw the eyeliner along the eyelid, the middle of the eye, and the end of the eye, and then connect them together, the success rate of eyeliner drawing will be greatly improved!

Step 5: Dip a small amount of black eyeliner to outline the lower eyeliner, and gently blend it. Pay attention to putting a cotton swab under the eyes to make your makeup more clean and delicate.

Step 6: Curl the eyelash curler and apply mascara. Be careful not to be too greedy when brushing your eyelashes

Step 7: Use a black liquid eyeliner pen to draw the eyelashes under the eyes to make the eyes more attractive and radiant.

A pair of imperfect eyes

Under the touch of eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara

Can be beautiful to a new height

Beautiful girls remember to practice their hands

Eye makeup can be more delicate!

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