Which Christmas Makeup is Your Best Choice?


The colors of Christmas makeup are very rich, usually red, yellow, and green. When creating makeup, you can also add some blue and brown eye shadows. The biggest feature of Christmas makeup is that the highlights are particularly obvious, and the entire makeup is very bright.

1. Romantic Christmas makeup

The overall makeup of romantic Christmas makeup is relatively natural, and it doesn't seem to be dazzling at a glance, but this makeup is very versatile, and it can be easily controlled by any style of clothing. First put on the base makeup, trim the eyebrows into a slender shape, fill with light brown eyebrow pencil, then fill the eyelids with maroon eyeshadow, apply black eyeliner, apply a small amount of highlight on the cheekbones, apply shadows, and apply burgundy lipstick , And then apply the red lipstick to the middle of the lips, the whole makeup will be done.

chrismas makeup


2. Cute antler makeup

The biggest feature of cute antler makeup is the obvious antlers at the end of the eyes. This makeup is not difficult to create. The method is: first apply the base makeup, apply a small amount of pink highlights on the two fingers above the cheekbones, and apply orange eye shadow on the eyelids. Put on the eyeliner, draw a small antler on the end of the eye with a brown eyeliner, and finally apply pink lipstick to complete it.

Cute antler makeup


3. Playful Christmas makeup

The characteristic of the playful Christmas makeup is the eyebrows like a Christmas tree. The method is: after applying the base makeup, divide the eyebrows into upward or downward shapes with eyelash glue, and then glue a round sequin or sequin on the end of each eyebrow. You can choose different colors, and other makeup looks can be done in the usual way.

Playful Christmas makeup

The first step, the base makeup, must be very clear! Otherwise-if you don’t grasp it well, it’s not an elk makeup, it’s a cat makeup. How can makeup be used to get that clear feeling? Clear feeling...

eyeshadow makeup

First of all, concealer should be done well, the foundation is clear and concealed, it gives people the feeling that it looks very plain, that is, the base of pseudo plain makeup.

The second step, the eyebrows, the eyebrows of the elk makeup are very heavy, and the eyebrows should be harder and thicker, but don't turn into new eyebrows. Retouch according to the overall feel of the makeup you want.

christmas makeup

The third step is that the biggest feature of elk makeup is sunburn and freckles. The blush needs to be hit a bit harder, but it should not be a monkey butt. It will be slightly heavier than usual. But for freckles, just give full play to you. With my imagination, I use eyeliner or eyebrow pencil to draw the feeling of freckles on the blush area. It is slightly-a little ugly makeup under the clear base makeup, and the brushed roots of the eyelashes look particularly good, very Cute.


The last step is to brighten and retouch the entire face, so that the effect of the painting is good. If you think this is a bit monotonous, then you can also decorate with some Christmas things, such as elk hair Hoops, or Christmas socks, Christmas cards, make photos full of Christmas flavor.

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