How To Create Euphoria Makeup?


Are you a fan of Euphoria? It has caught audiences' eyes and aroused intense discussion since the first season came out in 2019. It depicted the world of teenagers as they struggled with the drama of relationships, social media, trauma, family and friendship. Three years after the first season, the second season was released early this year.

In addition to its hot subjects and attractive plots, it is also known for its makeup. People of all genders and ages, especially those in gen Z, became obsessed with the creative beauty looks. We see more and more costumes and makeup looks inspired from Euphoria.

Ready to try your own Euphoria makeup? Here we are sharing with you the key points to create Euphoria beauty looks.


1. Neon Shades

Euphoria is full of neon shades from Jules' oranges, pinks and reds to Kat’s turquoise and lime shades. Highlighting the eye lids with a neon bright color is a hallmark of the series. Select a color that will make your eyes pop and wear it with confidence. Match it with light cheek and lip color.



2. Glitter, Sparkle and Diamantes

Glitter, sparkles and diamantes have been on full display in both seasons. To recreate the look, prep lids with a matte concealer, groom brows, add a foil eyeshadow lid and winged eyeliner. Finish with carefully placed stick on diamantes. Pair it with a red lip and you will have a striking look.



3. Winged Eyeliner

Winged makeup looks appear so often throughout both seasons that they have become a staple of the show. To copy the look you will need a steady hand and a good quality black eyeliner, makeup remover and Q-tips to perfect any mistakes. Make sure you create a neutral base to start before you apply your winged eyeliner.



4. Bold Designs

Euphoria is never afraid to go bold and graphic with its makeup looks, such as cloud eye makeup. You can DIY your own patterns or designs to create unique makeup looks. Eye makeup look of a butterfly pattern can be a good try. These looks may be best kept for wild nights out or parties.



Euphoria makeup is not just for models on thr runway or characters in TV series. Everyone can try it and produce crerative Europhia makeup looks. It is also a kind of self-expression and self-celebration. 

BTW, how do you think of Euphoria Season 2? Do you like the first season or the second better and why? Let’s discuss it in the comment.  


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