How To Shape Your Eyebrows At Home?


Eyebrows are one of the most important facial features you have. Your first impression usually have something to do with how your eyebrows look. It’s up to you to make sure your eyebrows are perfect and suit you well. By learning the correct methods and techniques for shaping your eyebrows, you’ll be able to create the most flattering appearance for your face. So, before you start attacking every little hair with the tweezers, take a little time to enhance your skills and perfect your technique with this handy guide.


Eyebrow Shapes

Decide upon the shape that you want your eyebrows to be. Eyebrows mostly fall into five main categories. They can either be S-shaped, hard-angled, soft-angled, straight or rounded. In general, the most flattering shape for you will be the one that most closely resembles the natural contour of your brows. However, it's also essential to take your face type into consideration. For example, if you have an oval face, most eyebrow shapes will suit you. However, it’s best to avoid those that are overly arched or overly straight.

If you have a square face, try to balance your look by ensuring that your brows appear soft with a smooth arch. For those with a round face, make sure that your eyebrows aren’t too thin or too thick. In addition, ensure that the beginning and tail of your brows are in line with an arch in between for the best look. For long face, we recommend aiming for slightly thick eyebrows that aren’t too long or arched.


Eyebrow Plucking

Tweeze your brows into a beautifully curved arch. To master the skill of shaping your eyebrows with a pair of tweezers, you need to follow a process. First, you need to find your ideal shape and fill in your brows for a clear outline. Then, tweeze any hairs outside of your desired shape from the root to avoid breakage. But, be sure to go slowly and be careful not to over-pluck.


Eyebrow filling

And finally, it's time to fill your eyebrows. To keep the look natural, avoid a heavy hand when filling in the center of your brows. Wherever it's more sparse, you just add a little more pressure. Trace the top of the brow and trace the bottom. If you want a little more prominent arch, just add a little more color and brush it through. Lightly fill in the middle.


Set aside about half an hour, and follow these simple steps to shape your eyebrows at home. You will get natural and flattering eyebrows.


Good tools for eyebrow shaping



What’s your favorite eyebrow shape? Please feel free to let us know in the comment.


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