Makeup Brushes are the Best Makeup Tools?


Selecting a makeup tool to apply your foundation is a matter of personal preference. Some can do wonders with clean fingers, while others work magic with a makeup brush.


Colorful Makeup Brushes

The Best Makeup Tool to Use for a Natural Finish

“Large fluffy brushes give a beautiful natural finish because you can pick up powder product and blend as much of the product on the face with one application to create a sheer natural finish,” says Miles. Try DOCOLOR- Dream in color brushes.

Unicorn Makeup Brushes

The Best Makeup Tool to Use for a Full-Coverage Look

For a full-coverage face makeup look, Miles recommends using densely packed makeup brushes to really pack on the product. “Brushes with dense, compact heads give the best full-coverage result because the concentrated bristles are able to blend and apply the product, allowing you to build upon the application for maximum coverage.” Try DOCOLOR Dream in Unicorns

Beauty Blender

The Best Makeup Tool for Applying Powder Foundation

Powder foundations offer a lot of versatility when it comes to their application. “Powder foundation can be applied with a brush, dry sponge or a damp sponge,” says Miles. “The tool you use will determine the desired result or effect.” For powder, a dense, fluffy synthetic fiber brush will give you a blended, buildtable complexion, while a damp sponge will provide you with a sheer layer of coverage. “A dry sponge can be effective for medium to full coverage but be careful, if you pick up too much product the complexion can look cakey.” Try using a DOCOLOR Sponge

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