Ready for a spring makeup?


Hello Beauties, welcome to DOCOLOR makeup online class.

Today, We're going to demonstrate you how to create this beautiful everyday makeup look with a pop of bright turquoise color on the bottom lash line.

You can learn more from here: Pop Of Turquoise Summer Makeup Tutorial | Docolor Fantasy Brush Set Test Drive - YouTube )


Let’s get start it!


1.Start your makeup look by filling in your eyebrows. You can use eyebrows pomade, brow powder or pencil.Blend the product with the help of synthetic brush and comb your eyebrows upwards.
2.Use foundation or concealer to clean up the edges and define your eyebrows. Apply some matte white eyeshadow on your brow bone and on the inner corners of your eyes. Next step is an eyeshadow primer: primer your eyelids to make your eyeshadow last all day long.
3.It is time to add some color: apply light matte brown color on the crease of your eyes and blend it with a soft blending brush. For the outer corners of your eyes use a darker brown eyeshadow. You can also intensify the look by applying a tiny amount of black eyeshadow along the upper lash line.
4.To make your eyes look charming and seductive draw a beautiful cat eyeliner, you can use liquid, cream or gel product. Apply a black eye kohl on the upper waterline, to hide an empty gap between eyeliner and lashes.
5.Now we are going to make your eyes stand out by applying turquoise color on the bottom lash line. First we use turquoise pencil as a primer for eyeshadow, blended it with a soft synthetic brush and set the pencil with turquoise eyeshadow.

6.Curl your lashes and apply generous coat of your favorite mascara. Apply makeup primer and foundation on your face, set the base with a lightweight powder and don't forget about subtle contouring.
7.For the lips, choose a nude lip liner and filled your lip shade with a similar nude lipstick. And the look is done!

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