The ordinary skincare series 2- Skin moisturizing


The moisture of the skin is always in the process of evaporating, which is a natural process of the human body (including the overflow of water molecules to the outside of the cells, the overflow of intercellular water molecules, and the overflow of water molecules to the skin).


But as long as the rate of evaporation and the new water replenishment balance each other, there is no problem at all.    

(TEWL Transepidermal water loss is an indicator to measure the amount of skin moisture evaporation. If this indicator is abnormal, it means that skin lesions may have occurred.)


When the skin barrier is weak, the skin will be susceptible to infection, and the normal renewal of the stratum corneum will be hindered, leading to various skin diseases.

So, how can we prevent water loss?


At first, let’s learn about the Several moisturizing ingredients. Skin care products are a collection of various ingredients. Among them, the ingredients that can maintain the moisture content of the skin can generally be classified according to their effects. They are divided into 3 types:

  • Water-absorbing moisturizing ingredients

  • Water-locking moisturizing ingredients:

  • Repairing moisturizing ingredients:

Second, for different skin types, choose different moisturizing products :


  • Sensitive skin: Choose according to your own skin characteristics. For example, oil-sensitive skin should focus on water absorption + repair ingredients, and dry sensitive skin should choose sealing + repair ingredients.


  • Oily skin: Because the skin has more lipids, it is recommended to focus on water-absorbing ingredients.


  • Dry skin: requires a combination of water absorption + sealing ingredients.


At last, apply a moisturizing product that suits you immediately after washing your face.


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