The ordinary skincare series 1- Facial cleansing


Every day, the skin faces a lot of "dirt", especially small particles suspended in the air.


These small particles will adhere to the surface of the skin and carry a harmful chemical called "polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons." When skin cells come into contact with these "polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons", they will produce a series of reactions, which will eventually lead to dullness, yellowing, aging and wrinkles.


So we must wash them off in time.


But under the overwhelming publicity of various cleaning products, almost everyone is facing the problem of excessive cleaning.


Quoting the data from DSM, it is stated that if there is no proper repair method, it will take eight days for the skin to return to its normal state after over cleansing.

So,how do you clean your face? Here are some tips:


  1. Use clean, running water to clean the skin. Wash your hands before cleaning the


  1. The water temperature during cleaning should not be too high. Excessive water temperature will lead to excessive cleaning power and greater damage to the keratin. A temperature close  to human body  temperature  is the best clean water  temperature.  If  it is summer or dry skin, you can use the temperature Water that is lower thanbody temperature


  1. Accordingto the nature of the skin, the skin care products used and the different environmental temperature and humidity, choose your own different cleansing products. For oily skin or in an environment with high humidity and temperature, choose

cleansing products with high cleanliness. For morning facial cleansing, you can use only water instead of facial cleanser.

Dosage of various cleaningproducts


 cream is based on the amount of foam that can be rubbed by hand or foaming net. Cleansing gel requires more use, and non-foaming emulsion products require more. For details, please refer to the product description. , Properly increase or decrease the dosage to find out the most suitable dosage.

  1. Unless it is a one-time process of removing makeup + cleansing, under normal cleaningconditions, foam products should not exceed 20-30 seconds, and non- foam products and makeup removers should not exceed one  These cleaning products contain a high proportion of surface Active agent, prolonged massage will emulsify the sebum secreted by the skin itself and also destroy the skin keratin barrier.

What if the skin has been over-cleansed? At the beginning of the article, we mentioned the DMS experiment. The data indicated that proper use of repair products will speed up the skin repair process. It can be seen from the figure that with the help of skin care products, the skin can return to normal levels within four days.


What is the ingredient so amazing? Please follow our next blog post. See you next time.


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