The Ultimate Guide to Creative Makeup for Beginners


  In the blossoming social media world, you may already have some sense of familiarity with creative makeup. Whether you scrolled past an image, video, or step-by-step guide of creative makeup on your choice of social media, you have probably seen an example once or twice. Creative makeup has been around for centuries, with face painting being a part of cultures dozens of millennia ago. Creative makeup goes beyond cosmetic makeups and into the realm of face paint with a minor bridge into body paint.

What is Creative Makeup?

Creative makeup can range anywhere from accentuating your eyebrows with cosmetics to military face paint. It’s all about applying a product to your face to alter the way it looks. You can use creative makeup for various reasons, from ceremonies to Halloween to everyday beauty preferences. Creative makeup is the craft of using your face as a canvas, a skill that requires precision and a steady hand.


What Do I need for Creative Makeup?

As in every form of art, the media you use is entirely up to you, but there are some recommendations that you may be happy to receive.


Primer is a product used for preparing your face for your media. This product smooths your pores and blemishes for an even application. Primers exist for both your base and your eyelids. 

Foundation is a cosmetic used as a primary base for your art. Generally applied all over your face, or to most of your face, it creates your art background. Available in 40 shades, DOCOLOR  is a great place to start looking for affordable makeup.

Lipstick is a cosmetic invented to color your lips and available in many colors.

The various pigments you can apply to your eyelid and around your eyes to enhance appearance are known as eyeshadows. Some eyeshadows are available as just one color, and some palettes hold multiple shades of eyeshadows in one package. You can try vibrant colors, such as displayed in Beauty Glazed’s Color Studio, but there are also neutral colors you can use in the 48 COLORS BOOM PALETTE.

Highlighter is known for its reflective abilities, causing light to reflect a particular manner to achieve a new look. The brand wet n wild has its MegaGlo Highlighting Powder, popular in its color Golden Flower Crown. It is a popular and affordable choice! However, if you’re willing to splurge a tad in your investment in creative makeup, you can get a look that is out of this world with Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Moonchild Glow Kit.

Historically known as “rouge,” blush is a cosmetic used to add a flush to your cheeks (or wherever you apply it). Milani’s Baked Blush line includes 17 different shades of blush for any of your needs! With over 12,000 reviews on Amazon, this is a great place to start in the world of blush!

Mascara is a product that coats your eyelashes to give them a thicker and fuller appearance. With different colors, wands, and sizes, it is understandable that picking a mascara may seem intimidating to someone starting in the world of creative makeup. For an affordable first choice for more traditional looks, a great option would be Docolor Waterproof Mascaras. Even if you want to go off the beaten path, you can stay with DOCOLOR MASCARAS.

If you would like to alter your eyes, eyeliner is the perfect product for you. Eyeliner is available in a variation of colors, featuring colors such as but not limited to blue, red, black, and brown. 

Tools for Creative Makeup

Cosmetic Applicators
Cosmetic applicators are plentiful! It’s necessary to understand the differences between each type as it will help you achieve a specific look. makeup brushes for beginners

Face Brushes
Foundation Brush
In the beginner’s world, you may be applying your foundation with your fingers. After all, they are the most versatile tool in your arsenal. Foundation brushes are a good investment if you want a cleaner application of your foundation. Using your fingers allows for your skin’s natural oils to mix with your foundation, which can ultimately clog your pores. A foundation brush keeps your hands clean and will enable you to achieve a flawless look.

Highlighter Brush
Highlighting is an art form, applying the cosmetic in just the right way to achieve a specific look using light reflection. It is not a talent that everyone has, and the best of artists use tools. The highlighter brush can be used for concealers and blending while also providing access to more challenging to reach areas.

Contour Brush
A brush that is thinner than a foundation brush, the contour brush allows for you to achieve sharp angles. Contour is excellent when paired with a highlighter, the two combining to accomplish whatever look you need. Generally used on cheekbones, jawlines, and noses, a contour is made to alter your face’s overall appearance.

Blush Brush
You can use this brush for bronzer (which was not mentioned in this article, but you can read more about it here). The brush that is “designed to add color and brightness to your skin,” aptly deemed by IPSY, the fluffier bristles distribute the product evenly.

Beauty Blender
Beauty blenders are a multiple-in-one makeup tool. When this little sponge gets damp, the abilities that it has can be magical. You can achieve perfect blends of your foundation, highlighter, contour, blush, and whatever else you may use in your art! While some brand name beauty blenders can be $20 in price, you can get this pack of 5 beauty blenders for half that cost.

Eyeshadow Brushes
Medium Eyeshadow Brush
Cosmopolitan claims the medium eyeshadow brush is the best for beginners. This eyeshadow brush is specialized in applying the perfect amount of eyeshadow, whether you want to pack it on or give yourself a light compliment.

Eye Contour Brush
Contouring is a big part of altering the way you look for creative makeup purposes, meaning you couldn’t leave this article without having an eyeshadow contour brush as well. The eye contour brush helps to add not only definition to your eyes, but it also can add depth to the corners of your eyes and your lashlines.

Eyeshadow Blending Brush
Blending, one of the things that you will love to hate and hate to love at first. Blending can be a task for some, depending on how much of an airbrush finish they would prefer their makeup to have. Blending with eyeshadow can make or break a look. The blurred edges of eyeshadow that morph into the different colors look a lot more professional than colors with obvious edges.

Contoured Blending Brush
If you don’t want to purchase too many brushes at once, you could always go for this 2-in-1. This blending brush also pairs as a contour brush for your eyes. This makes it to where you can blur and blend as well as contour for that perfect look.

Face Paint Applicators
Paint Brushes
Much like cosmetics, it’s recommended to have brushes to apply face paint. Face paintbrushes aren’t precisely like cosmetic brushes, but they provide the same purposes. There’s a multitude of different brush types to aid you in your journey to creating a masterpiece. Flat brushes, angled brushes, and more, the paintbrushes provide the necessary tools to achieve any look imaginable.
Sponges are another tool you can use with your face art. The sponges will soak up the product, and you can use the sponges for touch-ups or quick jobs. The sponges can be used once, in most cases, as they are hard to clean and very easy to tear.


  Creative makeup is a great hobby to take up that could very well lead you into a career. While it might not be for everyone, there is no harm in finding a new interest. You could become one of those artists shared over social media, where they transform themselves into mermaids, fictional characters, and other people alike. The first step to getting there is starting. The world is yours. Create it!

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