What are the eyebrow trends for 2022?


Beauty trends move fast. And thanks to social media networks like Instagram and Pinterest, they’ve never moved faster than right now. For 2022, brows are set to continue to bethedefining facial feature.   Skin, lips and eyes are all important, of course, but brows remain the focus.

Not-so-Perfect-Perfect Arches 

"Feminine in the way that they are soft and tailored or natural and imperfectly perfect."

  Another nostalgic element of this trend is its somewhat undefined shape.Sacks recommends doing what's called a "brow layout" to achieve this look if you're already working with a lot of God-given brow hair. "Hand-pluck coarse texture out of the brow to see more skin throughout and to get the brow to appear more feathered." This, she explains, makes eyebrows easier to brush upward.

Au-Naturale Texture

We all can agree that a little bit of fluffiness in the brows provides great framing for the eyes. Makeup artist Tommy Napoli considers it yet another throwback to runway trends of the past. "Runway eyebrow trends I've seen [recently] are a continuation of today's trends and a revisit to old: we're still seeing a fluffy, sporty, natural brow — groomed brows that have real texture and shine as opposed to the laminated brow trend, which is ultra-groomed, shiny, and slicked up." 

Subtle Volume

The Best Eyebrow Pencils of 2021

Notes that brushing brows upward into place is the trendiest way to achieve volume these days, as opposed to using heavy pomades that were criminally overused a few years back. "I'm seeing more and more clients want a brow look that's feathered instead of fully filled in. I really love the way this looks," she says.

With all these trends in mind, there's one thing to be made clear: nostalgia is here to stay. Consider these pointers from our favorite eyebrow experts to accomplish these trends, but ultimately, our biggest advice is simply to do what works best for you in the eyebrow department — trendy or not.

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