An Eyebrow Makeup Routine for Beginners


Are you makeup beginners and have no ideas what to do?

Let us help you, starting with brows.

PRE-STEPS: Use a fine tip pencil similar to your hair color. You also need spoolie.

1. Place the pencil next to the tip of nose and mark, cross over your pupil and mark.


2. The line it up with the end of your eye and repeat the above actions.

These are guides for start, end, and arch of your brows.

3. Start filling in using a light hand, to create hair-like strokes.

4. Use spoolie to blend out harsh lines. We're staying away from sharpie brows. 

5. Clean up the bottom with a bit of concealer.

6. Use a clear brow gel to keep your brow hairs up.

7. Finished. That was easy!

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See you next time!

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