How to find a reliable wholesale beauty supplier?


As we all know, in business competition, a good supplier can bring twice the result with half the effort. Therefore, the choice of supplier has become an important decision for business partners. A good supplier means possessing the processing technology to manufacture high-quality products. , Have sufficient production capacity, and be able to provide competitive products while making profits. So, as far as the beauty industry is concerned, how do we choose a good beauty supplier wholesale?

wholesale beauty supplier

1.Product Quality 

Whether the product quality is reliable is an important evaluation index. The supplier must have a good quality control system, and the products provided must be able to continuously and stably meet the requirements of the product specification .


2.Product Price

Suppliers should be able to provide competitive prices. In modern supply chain management, product price is no longer the primary factor in choosing a supplier, but it is still an important factor.


3.After-sales Service 

Suppliers should be able to solve the various service needs of users in a timely manner, or provide some support.


4.Techinque Level 

Whether the supplier has a strong technical team, whether it has new product development, research and development capabilities, and the ability to manufacture or supply the required products.


5.Production Capacity 

Does the supplier have considerable production scale and development potential, which means that the supplier’s manufacturing equipment must be able to reach a certain scale in quantity and be able to guarantee the supplier’s required quantity of products

 beauty supplier wholesale

6.Delivery Status

The extent to which suppliers meet corporate orders in a timely manner. But from the perspective of time to measure the supplier's supply capacity, the higher the percentage of on-time delivery, the lower the safety stock that the company needs to keep .


7.Market Influence

The market share of the products provided by the supplier reflects the development potential of the supplier. The company always hopes to find a strong supplier with a high market share as a partner .

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