Chola Style Makeup Step by Step Tutorial


What is Chola Style Makeup?  

  Step by Step Chola Makeup Tutorial With Pictures:  Chola Makeup was initially found and applied by Mexican Women and Girls. Currently Chola Makeup is very famous and trendy in other regions around the world as well. Chola Makeup Includes and recognized by dark makeup, dark eyes, dark lipstick, Penciled eyebrows and also include dark lip liner. Women Who Apply Chola Makeup usually like to keep their eyebrows as much as thin to look like an angry women.

  The Chola style makeup doesn’t usually quite aggressive ever. You may improvise as well! Even so, if you would like for apply chola makeup style, this step by step chola makeup tutorial is for you!  

  Applying Chola Makeup is an impressive choice, because you don’t wish to put on the same kind of makeup on everywhere. Chola makeup is completely different to normal or regular days makeup, you can’t wear chola makeup everywhere such as office, wedding. Chola Makeup is more suitable if you are riding bike or travelling a place like mountain, or a long highway.

Products You will Need to Apply Chola Makeup:

Chola Makeup Tutorial, Chola Makeup Products, Chola Makeup Step by Step Pictures Tutorial

  • Dark Lipstick
  • Black Eyeliner
  • Dark Eyebrow Pencil
  • Foundation
  • Mascara
  • Eye primer
  • Dark Color Lip Liner
  • Silver and Black Eye-Shadow
How to Do Chola Makeup – Step by Step Tutorial With Pictures
First Apply Foundation: Cholas Makeup are actually known for putting too much Highlight in terms of Makeup foundation. Make-up must be visible. Apply Dot Makeup foundation on the forehead, nose, cheeks and combination with a make-up sponge. Do it again with another surface for an extremely designed appearance.
  • Chola Makeup eyebrows are extremely slim and penciled, with an artificial arch. You may take advantage of the result in 2 methods, either you could cut off your eyebrows, or hide eyebrow with foundation makeup.
  • If you are cutting the eyebrows, all you need to do is draw a set with a dark brow pencil. Make sure you create an extremely high arch.
  • if you don’t wish to cut off your eyebrows completely, just make use of a concealer or foundation makeup to covers them. Then outline thin ones instead of the natural ones. You may utilize additional eye shadow to generate an arched impact.

Step 2:

Initially put on some eye primer, to ensure that your make-up remains for much time.

Step 3:

Then, use the eyeliner to the upper lash line and expand it a bit to design an impressive result. Your eyeliner must be used in a fluffy touch for an excessive appearance.

Step 4:

Now, put on silver color eye-shades to the eyelids.

chola-makeup Eyes Tutorial

Now Use light Black Color eye-shades to the crease of the eye, and gradually mix in with the grey or Silver Color. Lastly, curl your lashes and put on mascara and it’s done on eyes.

Tips to Apply Chola Makeup Perfectly that gives Bold Look.

  • Chola makeup is recognized as daring and excessive make-up.
  • Notable if you use nose piercing or ear piercings. Otherwise, make use of clip-on ear-rings and nose rings for the best chola appearance.
  • Curl your hair style, or put on a bandana to finalize the appearance.
  • Hold the make-up with a “don’t give a damn” personality along with attitude, and you may look like a gangster.
  • Now a days, Cholas are applying a much more vintage appearance by cracking off from the normal darker and bold. Also you may make minor modifications to the make-up or build it down a bit, based on your style level.

Here Are Some Chola Makeup Pictures Look:

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