Makeup Has No Rules??!

makeup rules

A famous makeup artist explains her makeup someday :

“I look at makeup as an art form; it's allowed me to express myself and my artistic side, meaning I can walk out of the house and feel like me. For me, it's not about confidence, I just don't like being like all the other fish in the sea.

I remember watching my mum put on her makeup as a child. I used to steal her products and try and use them while hiding in the bathroom. She's very similar to me and always makes herself up before she goes out, even if it's just for the school run.

If she was going out, she'd do a cat eye and a nude, glossy lip. Her beauty routine was never about feeling more confident but just to feel good in her own skin.”

Makeup has no rules, maybe someone love, someone hate. But the point is yourself feel the most comfortable status on your skin.

blue makeup

I may have experiences that ordinary people don't have.

When I was in junior high school, I personally cut my beloved short hair and made a breakthrough to be a real self. I started applying my mother's makeup, quivering eyeliner and pink lips that I thought looked good.

Since then I have started wearing makeup, imitating all kinds of makeup looks.

I hate when people say that makeup is a disservice to people.

Makeup brings a kind of magic. It makes you better at cleansing your skin and taking care of yourself.

There are so many incredible artists online that I still look up to, all doing their own thing. The main reason why there are so many makeup artists creating such creative makeup is because It's your art, and not everybody has to love it. Sticking to your own creativity is a kind of enjoyment.

sient makeup
natural makeup

Just bite the bullet and do things your way.

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