Natural Makeup Routine to Enhance your Flawlessness


  In all my years of doing makeup, I’ve always been drawn to looks that involve very little product. I love the fact that every human’s face is unique and different. I want to celebrate that by choosing products that enhance, as opposed to products that hide or change how we look.
  DOCOLOR has a huge range of products for any and every client. AND there’s room at the beauty station for everyone. The products I will show you right now are for those who want makeup that is effortless, easy, fast and impactful, simple and STUNNING!

  These products and tools will enhance your flawlessness. No makeup advanced experience necessary.

Base Face Deserve a Better Foundation Brush!

  Dreaming of Unicorns (17pcs) Makeup Brushes are the ultimate key to achieving the versatility of complexion products. Using a foundation brush will help maintain your makeup throughout the day (less touch-ups)! Use a foundation brush wherever you want to get a tinted moisturizing effect, or use a powder puff to build coverage for special occasions. Apply the foundation where you need it to create the most natural skin-like effect. Enhance your flawlessness!

makeup brushes
foundation brush

Soft & Cruelty Free

A Highlight Brush + Highlighter is your Point! 
  Do you want a flawless, radiant glow? Do you want a product that brings out your cheekbones that all your friends will envy? It’s no surprise that I’m going to suggest - DOCOLOR 4 Colors Highlight Palette (White) -  . This product has 4 colors suit for 4 different skintones, so you get a flood of hydration along with a subtle sheen and glow. It’s skincare disguised as makeup!


Blush + Lip Brushes!
Are you ready for another plot twist!? I LIVE for multi-use products. They make life so much easier! So, this blush Brush from DOCOLOR - DREAM IN UNICORNS will also be used on the lips for a subtle pop of color. Just put a dot on the apple of each cheek and blend back towards the center of your ear. Anything left on your fingertips can be patted onto the lips. Apply more to the lip as preferred. If you love a brush for blush application, I suggest the this Set Of Brush.

unicorn makeup brushes

Eyes - This is the Amazing Part!!
  I always do the eyes last and I keep it pretty simple. For me, it’s about softly accentuating the architecture of the eyes in as little time as possible. First, I pop a little bit of Exa Light Show in shade “BFF” on the eyelid only with my fingertip, stopping at the crease. Next, DOCOLOR makes a beautiful selection of eye pencils that smudge easily into the lash line. Pick a shade, any shade, and line your upper lash line. Softly extend the smudged line past the outer corner for a lifted effect. Throw on a coat of PYT Swipe Right 12 Hour Mascara, and the eyes are done in under two minutes! Insider tip: DOCOLOR EYELINER can also be used anywhere on the face. The lighter shades (Recess, BFF, Slumber Party, Dear Diary) can all be used as highlighters.

eyeliner step by step

  The completed 5-minute makeup look is natural, effervescent and radiant. It pulls forward your features in a way that comes across less “makeup-ey”. A little dab of each product, just where you need it, is the secret to enhancing your flawlessness in this quick makeup routine.

Bonus secret: This undemanding look can be quickly transformed into a night look as well!


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See you next time!

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