This 6-Step Tutorial for a Natural Everyday Look


  A full beat might not always be in the cards, especially if you’re short on time. For an elevated yet natural look, we’ve been leaning on this super easy makeup tutorial that takes about five minutes from start to finish. So, go grab your makeup bag and keep reading, because this natural makeup tutorial is a game-changer.


Prep Your Skin

We’ve really been focusing on our skincare, so this step is a no-brainer. Before grabbing makeup, complete your skincare routine with a thin layer of moisturizer. This is key for getting a glowy base. 


Do Your Base

Apply a light- to medium-coverage foundation, BB cream stippling it on with a blending sponge or flat brush. If you do use a brush and want a seamlessly blended finish, go over your face with a damp beauty sponge to ensure there are no streaks or lines. Next, pat concealer under your eyes. Choose a color one to two shades lighter than your foundation to brighten up the under-eye area and cover up any discoloration and dark circles. For a more luminous look, apply concealer to your forehead, the bridge of your nose and chin as well — then blend.


Add Color to Your Cheeks

To give yourself a little color before hopping on video calls, sweep blush onto the apples of your cheeks. Then, warm up your skin tone with a bronzer of your choice. Apply this under your cheekbones and along your temples and jawline.

Don't Forget Your Eyebrows

Use a spoolie to brush your brows, and then either fill them in with a powder or a pencil. We love using gels and pomades to help keep brows in place.


Add a Touch of Eyeshadow

While this step is totally optional, we love adding some neutral shades to our eyelids. Then, apply a single coat of mascara to the top and bottom lashes and be sure to wiggle your wand vertically to get every single lash.

Finish With a Tinted Lip Balm

Finish this easy, natural look with a pink or nude lip gloss or lip balm that complements your skin tone. It’s super nourishing and gives the perfect subtle tint. 


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