The Perfect Valentine’s Day Makeup Looks


  Valentine’s Day 2022 is a time to celebrate love, relationships, and a burgeoning freedom from distanced dating. So why not use the holiday as an opportunity to get creative with your Valentine’s Day makeup look, tailored to this very special occasion? To put a finer point on it, 2022’s Valentine’s Day vibe is all down to optics.

  Will your date be making eyes across the table of your favorite restaurant? Gazing at you on a stroll outside, perhaps beneath a blanket of stars? Or will your home serve as the backdrop for a supremely comfortable rendezvous? No matter your brand of tête-à-tête, a thoughtfully paired aesthetic centered on the perfect Valentine’s Day makeup look will help any date to feel a touch more romantic, simply for being a touch less regular.

STEP1: First, you need to outline an eye shadow edge line with pink eyeliner.

STEP2: Second, you need to darken the eye shadow line and slightly smudge around the eye shadow line with light pink eye shadow

STEP3: Third, apply concealer under the smudged eyeliner

STEP4+STEP5: Fourth, smudge eye shadow on the lower eyelid + add highlights and false eyelashes


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